Saturday, December 6, 2008

Introducing the Woodstove Whittlers and Wrangling Association

Welcome to the Spur & Lock Mercantile and Sundries Emporium. Have a seat and pick up a stick for whittlin’. Please remember to bring your own whetstones, and don’t spit on the floor, but aim for the cuspidors, located ubiquitously about the store. And before you decide on a course of action or speech directed toward a fellow store-sitter that may result in strong words or fisticuffs, please ask yourself, “What would Roy Rogers do?”

The Woodstove Whittlers and Wrangling Association is the Mercantile’s reading group. Discussion is lively, members are opinionated, and the snacks are tasty. On occasion the Top Hand will allow the WWWA members to post a report of their discussions. Feel free to join in. (Fair warnin': if you think your opinion might turn out to be off-trail to those others expressed by the group, you might be wise to grease the wheels and jollify the crowd by bringing along a nice chocolate cake or blackberry cobbler to the meeting.)



I'll get whittling

Chris said...

I'm really intrigued. I've read this three or four times. What will the discussions be about?

Duane Spurlock said...

Well, you'll soon find out. I meant to add to this post, but family events the past two weeks have prevented that happening. My apologies.