Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Spur & Lock's Spinner Rack

The Mercantile has added a book store -- what I call the Spinner Rack -- to provide links to books at I've used one of Amazon's widgets to build this book store. I'll add items to the Spinner Rack as I add posts to the Mercantile's inventory. The Spinner Rack provides an easy way for Mercantile patrons to check into titles discussed here. If you purchase an item reached through the Spinner Rack links, or any other item during the same Amazon session, you'll also drop a few pennies into the Mercantile's till to help support our efforts, for which we thank you kindly.

The Spinner Rack's link is the top link in the list of "Sites We Like," on the left side of the screen under "Why We're Here." The first category page we've stocked on the Spinner Rack is westerns by Lewis B. Patten, the author most recently read and discussed by the WWWA. You can also reach the Spinner Rack at this URL:

Thanks for your patronage and support. Now, why are you sitting there reading this? Go read more westerns!

1 comment:

Chris said...

I like the spinner rack--thanks for the link! I might try something similar for L'Amour.

Keep up the great work! I think people will really like this blog.